At Major Appliance Parts, a division of Canadian Appliance Parts, we believe our customers need, and deserve, to be treated like friends and family. We are here to assist you in your process of trying to fix your own major appliance and help you locate the hard-to-find item. We value honesty and transparency in our day-to-day dealings and treat you as we like to be treated! If we do not have the item, we gladly help you find other options to get the result you need.

Resident Parts and Service Expert – Christina (Reid) Hart
I started in this industry over 40 years ago in Winnipeg at Camco (Canadian Appliance Manufacturing Company). I was dispatching techs, and taking service calls. Soon a new computer system came in and they needed someone to learn it and the parts end. I served at the counter, then toll-free to wholesale techs, and occasionally hit the road to sell parts. This company was big on training, and employee input. I learned so much and enjoyed my team and management. They allowed me to start a timer rebuild program that is still in effect today. I left only because my family relocated to BC. I was there for around 15 years (I think!)

In BC, I started my own appliance repair company and created the largest (at the time) interior. At my highest point had 14 techs and support staff and did COD and manufacturer warranty for all major appliance makers. I was hands-on in fixing, and refurbishing major used appliances and factory returns. I learned so much just by doing! I attended all training along with my staff to ensure I was up to date on service and parts. After about 10 years with my company, I sold it to pursue other ventures. 

I sold new major appliances for over a year at Home Depot and was rewarded as the top sales in the Okanagan Region. I enjoyed the job and the people very much and loved the sales – and the customers!

For over 7 years, I sold parts for a major supplier in Canada as a Personal Account Manager for wholesale accounts. I helped put on training for techs and as such was kept up to speed on the new product. As much as I loved my job, it was in-home and after time you just need to get back out into the real world. It is the people and the customer interaction that I enjoy the most.  I made the giant leap to start my own business again. This time I wanted a nice little store in my West Kelowna BC community and a nice easy pace. I created my original website and started the ball rolling.  It rolled so fast that I was a bit floored!  It seems that Canada needed an on hands expert to guide them in the pursuit of information on major appliance parts. The business boomed and here we are today!  If you need assistance – you can reach me by email – online chat – toll-free phone call – text message to my cell phone. Hopefully, I will be adding more and more info on this site to assist you as well. 

I am looking forward to creating this site, and training up a new generation of parts people  – it is a skill that needs to be shared and passed on. As it gets harder to find service people, more customers are needing to fix their own appliances. This is where we come in. We can send you information, parts #’s exploded views, and possibly help you with error codes, etc. We will not rush you or upset you. Simply offer what we can to help you on your way.  We do not have access to all brands, but most.  Some manufacturers will not sell me parts if I don’t do their work. However, if you reach out and it’s a brand I don’t do,  I can certainly offer suggestions on who may. 

Thanks, Canada for welcoming our service! We look forward to growing and serving our country!

~ Christina